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Turn data into intelligence with powerful analytics platforms: Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis.
Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis are the core technologies that power any Palantir solution. A data fusion platform acts as a clean, coherent abstraction on top of different types of data that all describe the same real world problem, just as an operating system creates the clean and coherent software abstraction on top of the collection of hardware we call computers. Just as operating systems heralded a sea change in application development, data fusion is the future of data-driven decision making.

Software designed for non-technical people to use and love

Data surfaced inside our data fusion platforms is presented as virtual objects modeled after the analyst’s conceptual schema and intuitive thought processes. The graphical analytic environment allows users to easily draw upon all available data to answer questions quickly—ten to one hundred times faster than traditional methods.

Open software, designed for customization and third-party integration

As open and extensible platforms, Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis are designed to be infinitely adaptable to any data environment. Our software works with your IT infrastructure, complementing existing capabilities and integrating any and all data to which you have access.

Palantir’s openness means:

  • Public APIs for every function
  • Extensibility points and a plugin architecture for fine-tuned customization
  • A dynamic ontology that can be configured to describe any problem space
  • Diverse data integration methods---from direct import to federated search to Web services
  • Open data export options and API access to all data in the system—no vendor lock-in


Get a clear picture of all your data, structured or unstructured. Pivot analysis seamlessly between the semantic, geospatial, and temporal views. Collaborate at the colleague, team, and organizational level.

Rapidly interpret huge amounts of data

Palantir Gotham allows users to work with massive amounts of data—of all types and from disparate systems—in a single place. Analysts can conduct high-speed searches through the entire body of their data to pull out significant intelligence. Work at the 10,000 ft level with all your data for top-down analysis of billions of objects or zoom all the way down to individual objects for higher resolution work.

Palantir Gotham integrates structured and unstructured data into a single information model understandable by non-technical staff, producing a view of the world as discrete objects, relationships, and their describing data.

Designed for multi-user collaboration from the ground up, Palantir Gotham tracks the source of all data and changes in the system, allows different views of the data to different groups of analysts based on access controls, and can even share data between two different installations to enable real-time information sharing.

Palantir Workspace

Work with data easily and intuitively

Gotham’s user interface is intuitive and enjoyable to use. Accomplish all of your analytical activities—from simple queries to advanced modeling—with greater ease and within a user-friendly environment.


Glean actionable
intelligence at massive scale

Phoenix server technology enables organizations to cull meaningful insights from enormous amounts of data by analyzing previously disparate data sources at massive scale. Now you can conduct investigations across the fusion of cyber, transactional and contextual data at scales from terabytes up to petabytes.

Dynamic Ontology

Categorize your investigational world

Palantir’s Dynamic Ontology enables your system to connect to and understand thousands of types of data relevant to your work. Create a customized, flexible analytics technology by defining your own objects, properties, events and links.


Simultaneously search multiple databases

Run a federated search of databases without having to consolidate data on a specific server or instance.

Nexus Peering

Seamlessly share and refine data

Nexus Peering offers data synchronization across Palantir instances in a way that preserves consistency, integrity and security. It removes geographical and organizational barriers for easier sharing and refining of data, enlarging the impact of individual analyst breakthroughs—so that your whole team can move forward together.

Revisioning Database

Track data about data

Our revolutionary Revisioning Database technology means every shred of data is tagged with an extensible set of metadata, including properties like analyst, source, confidence and classification. Every change to every bit of data can be tracked and revisioned.

Palantir Forward

Stay connected in the field—even without connectivity

Developed for use in situations without connectivity, Palantir Forward brings you the full functionality of Gotham and essential information to the field, synchronizing data when the instance returns to a network.

Palantir Mobile

Use Gotham from the field

Built entirely on Palantir’s open APIs, Palantir Mobile brings the power of Gotham to you in the field, allowing real-time Blue Force Tracking and seamless data collection and enabling collaboration between mobile and base users.

Privacy and Civil Liberties Protections

Palantir Gotham's precision data control, maintenance of data provenance, and robust accountability mechanisms can form the backbone of a rigorous privacy- and civil liberties-protective data handling regime. Read more in our PCL White Paper


Find even the unknown unknowns

Horizon provides the ability to visualize and drill down into different properties—performing sub-second, top-down “haystack to needle” analysis across massive data sets

Interactively explore millions of records with Horizon’s functionality:

  • Cloud-based
  • Infinitely scalable on commodity hardware
  • Driving new analysis in cyber, financial, oversight and SIGINT investigation on billion- and trillion- scale datasets
  • Offers data drilldown by common properties
  • Lets you view temporal and spatial patterns and combine different filters and visualizations
  • Offers scatter plots to analyze and explore trends


Integrate all of your quantitative data, build and test your ideas, and collaborate with colleagues.

Dramatically speed workflows

Palantir Metropolis is a quantitative analysis platform that provides a suite of analytical tools enabling complex, multi-study research demands.

Quantitative analysis is applicable to a large and varied problem space—from climate data analysis to network traffic flows to financial trading strategy assessment.

Palantir Metropolis' core features can be used in tandem to build entirely new research and analyses. The platform’s ability to freely combine features as building blocks enables it to extend your creative ability—rather than limiting you to certain questions or paths of exploration and inquiry.

Hedgehog Language

Accomplish your most complex analysis more efficiently

The Hedgehog programming language is an easy-to-learn yet powerful language that offers programmatic access to the platform APIs. It offers search and discovery of the object universe and allows a non-programmer to add behavior to objects at runtime, automate the creation of reports and write custom quantitative transforms and algorithms. With Hedgehog, you are never limited by what we didn’t dream up.

More about Hedgehog language.


Build flexible, interactive reports

Templates let you quickly test different theories, iterate and generate multiple reports from a source report. Templates “reach down” into a report (reports can be arbitrarily complex and contain other reports) to extract and link the key variables of your analysis. They act as a single lever to many values in many reports and can be used to create standard reports and shared with your colleagues.


Easily integrate diverse data sets

Prism lets you integrate diverse data sets without writing a single line of code. It exposes a domain-specific language to define connection and schema, and ensures that all data access goes through high-performance code paths.

Prism has an intelligent cross-provider resolution system that automatically combines proprietary and third-party data sources, even if they have different formats, identifiers or conventions. You can create data providers without compiling code, and change them without restarting a server. Engineers spend less time integrating data sources, and analysts can focus on the problem space rather than the data access.


Understand data visually and interactively

Explorer lets you browse through the entire object universe and create dynamic collections whose memberships change over time based on numerical properties. You can filter data by specific attributes and use visualization tools—such as histograms, scatterplots and percentile buckets—to flesh out your understanding of that data. Once you have a collection of objects that fit certain criteria, you can save the collection for further research and testing.

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