Custom Solutions

From Silicon Valley to your doorstep, Palantir designs, develops, and deploys products that can overcome challenges in virtually any industry or complex problem space to produce world-changing outcomes.

Who Needs Our Help?

Our mission is to deploy the best products we can build against the hardest problems we can find, wherever we are needed most. Since 2004, our mission-driven team of engineer problem-solvers has worked in close partnership with customers in the public and private sectors to create solutions that equip them with the intelligence they need to dramatically improve outcomes.

Combating terrorism. Prosecuting crimes. Fighting fraud. Eliminating waste. Our powerful, open data fusion platforms have served as the foundation for transformative solutions in an incredibly diverse set of problem spaces. And we’re just getting started.

Benefit from our experience across industries

Our products have transformed financial oversight and fraud detection, home lending practices, defense and law enforcement, tracking of disease outbreaks, and countless other missions within the government, financial, commercial and health industries.

Challenge us with your unique problems

Organizations in virtually any industry can leverage Palantir’s sophisticated analytical capabilities for virtually any problem involving massive amounts of data. Entities as varied as government agencies, non-profits, commercial banks, and research institutions have reached out to us for help with their unique challenges.