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Time at Palantir is time spent applying your knowledge against real world problems, shaping our company, and learning from those around you.

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Intern Experiences

Find out why people love interning at Palantir

Trey Software Engineer

  • There are so many different deployments, products, and projects. Palantir has this energy, and all of that energy is being directed into solving specific problems. You can see a real and immediate impact.

Roxanne Technical Writer

  • Working at Palantir is a truly unique experience—nowhere else will you find people who are so passionate, creative, and talented. What you do here matters. And it’s really cool and rewarding to know that your work is directly helping solve a big problem in our world.

Myles Software Engineer

  • Palantir isn’t on the App Store, and it isn’t your ordinary company. I think that’s awesome.

Yifei Software Engineer

  • One of the best things about the Palantir internship is that it’s very self-guided. Not only was I able to choose my project, but my mentor and manager were very receptive to my interests and let me handle other tasks related to them. Whatever you want to do, you can ask to do it here.

Internship Perks

  • Hot Wheels

    If you’re in Palo Alto for the summer, you won’t have to worry about getting around. We provide interns with a bike (and helmet) to use for the summer to get to and from the office.

  • House Hunters

    Our team will help you find housing for the summer, and match you with potential roommates. We believe the Palantir community should go beyond the office walls.

  • Event-Driven

    Each intern class is a close-knit group of people who work hard, and have fun together. We host a number of intern-only events to help you get to know each other.

  • Full-time, all the time

    In addition to the perks we provide for interns, you’ll have access to all the full-time fun, too.