Securely collaborating across the enterprise and with external partners to expose cyber fraud

In an earlier demonstration on this blog, we showed how a single analyst used Palantir Metropolis to uncover an actual cyber threat at one of Palantir’s largest commercial deployments. However, in many large financial institutions, detecting complicated schemes requires the work of multiple analysts across the enterprise. Collaboration is critical, but the need to enforce [...]

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Uncovering Cyberfraud at a Large Financial Institution

This cyberfraud workflow is based on an actual case discovered at one of Palantir’s largest and most successful commercial deployments.  In this demonstration, we will show how an investigator uses Palantir to rapidly surf across data from multiple lines of business generated through customer interactions via multiple channels.  The investigator is able to use a [...]

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How the CPI Analyzed Subprime Lenders

We had the opportunity to work with the Center for Public Integrity to analyze almost 5 million home mortgage loans originated between 2005 and 2007. The Center’s investigation found that the top subprime lenders whose loans are blamed for triggering the global economic meltdown were owned or backed by the same banks now collecting billions [...]

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