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With the recent arrest of General Laurent Nkunda, one of the key rebel leaders fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we decided to take a look at an ongoing conflict that has involved armies from across Africa and defied numerous attempts to establish a lasting peace. Our analysis focuses on the complex relationships of the numerous warring parties, local and international sources of funding fueling the conflict, and interpersonal relationships of key leaders and financiers of the CNDP, one of the main rebel groups.

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Not all terrorist organizations are rootless groups engaging only in international terrorism. Many terrorist groups are socially intertwined with the local population, highly territorialized and directly compete for governance.Terrorist groups such as the IRA, Hamas, Mahdi Army, Sendero Luminoso and Hezbollah are past and present examples of a socially intertwined terrorist organization. These groups present significant, but different challenges to our national security than Al Qaeda does and a different strategy to defeat them may be in order.

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