Palantir at StrataRX 2012: Doing Big Data By Yourself

Lauren Chaparro and I were honored to be among the speakers at Strata RX 2012, O’Reilly’s conference on the use of big data in health care/medical field. Our talk was called “Doing Big Data All By Yourself: Interactive Data Driven Decision Making by Non-Programmers“. I gave the first half of the talk, delving into the [...]

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Haiti: effective recovery through analysis

Visualizing SMS hotspots in days following the earthquake in Palantir. Screenshot courtesy of Palantir Technologies [Editor's Note: an edited version of this post first appeared on O'Reilly's Radar blog.] The prologue was an earthquake of unexpected magnitude and location that left 250,000 dead. As computer scientists and technologists, we’re used to dealing with large numbers [...]

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Investigating an E. Coli Outbreak

This video shows how public health analysts could use Palantir to perform traceback analysis on an outbreak of an illness or infection. With the 2009-2010 flu season just beginning, it’s good time to take a look at how Palantir can be used by government health agencies in the fight to protect public health. The data [...]

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