Elbow Licking in Sudan: The Spread and Decline of Mass Unrest in Summer 2012

Disputes between Sudan and newly independent South Sudan led to a halt in oil production in early 2012, bringing an economic crisis to both countries. On June 16, Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and his National Congress Party imposed austerity measures, including the withdrawal of wheat and fuel subsidies. Demonstrations against the regime broke out at [...]

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Adaptive Management and the Analysis of California’s Water Resources

Water resource management in California is a precarious and costly balancing act. Various federal, state, and municipal organizations have a stake in the management of California’s water resources. In the case of the Sacramento River Delta, they all compete to manage a single resource. Decisions made about the Delta affect millions of Californians, as well [...]

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Securely collaborating across the enterprise and with external partners to expose cyber fraud

In an earlier demonstration on this blog, we showed how a single analyst used Palantir Metropolis to uncover an actual cyber threat at one of Palantir’s largest commercial deployments. However, in many large financial institutions, detecting complicated schemes requires the work of multiple analysts across the enterprise. Collaboration is critical, but the need to enforce [...]

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