How Palantir Gotham enables effective audit log analysis

We work with organizations that analyze many different kinds of data from many different sources, each of which is typically governed by its own access control or security policies. Our customers need to be confident that their analysts are handling this sensitive data appropriately, and that their auditors can identify and take action against any [...]

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Announcing the Palantir Council on Privacy and Civil Liberties

Last month, at Palantir’s GovCon8 event, our CEO, Dr. Alex Karp, announced the creation of the Palantir Council of Advisors on Privacy and Civil Liberties (PCAP). This Council of experts has been created to assist us in understanding and addressing the complex privacy and civil liberties (P/CL) issues surrounding the use of our platform to [...]

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A Study in Cell Phones

A recent story in the New York Times, “More Demands on Cell Carriers in Surveillance,” describes the response by cellular service providers to an inquiry from Rep. Edward J. Markey, in which the service providers reported on the frequency of requests for subscriber information by law enforcement agencies. In 2011, carriers responded to more than [...]

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