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Data Model Change Eventing

One of the early architectural challenges that we faced in building the Palantir Finance product was coming up with a good design for firing events from data models to their listeners. There are many different concepts in our product such as charts, portfolios, and indices which are all maintained by different developers. Initially, each developer had their own system for firing events when a data model changed. This quickly became a drag on development as tools became more integrated because we had to learn each others’ event methodologies and translate between the different systems.

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Palantir screenshots in the wild: Swing Sightings

Palantir ScreenshotPalantir ScreenshotPalantir Screenshot Palantir Screenshot: dashboardPalantir Screenshot: right_clickPalantir Screenshot: timeline_viewerPalantir Screenshot: flowsPalantir Screenshot: graph_explorerPalantir Screenshot: histogram
We recently had a visit from some distinguished guests. Chris Campbell, a member of the Java 2D Team at Sun, came to see demonstrations of the Palantir products. We were very pleased and flattered by his positive reactions to the work that we’ve done.On the basis of that visit, we were added to the Java Desktop community site as a Swing Sighting Preview and merited a mention on Romain Guy’s blog: Another Pretty Java Application.

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Stupid fast hyperlinks for Swing

Co-authored by Huey.
HyperLinkLabel screen shot
Most people who’ve done a little preliminary looking online will learn that to create a component that functions like a hyperlink the easiest way is to use a JEditorPane. If you use the HTMLEditorKit you can introduce hyperlinks, they’ll render appropriately, and you can even add a HyperlinkListener. There’s just one drawback. It’s a little slow to instantiate. Alternatively, you can pass html to a JLabel, which will render the hyperlink, then add a mouse listener, but that’s not much faster. Besides that, the JEditorPane doesn’t seem to alter the mouse when you mouseover an active link. Sloppy. So I wrote HyperlinkLabel.

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Realtime Swing reflections (iTunes ain't the only kid on the block)!

Achtung Baby reflected
Check out this reflection magic! Now iTunes isn’t the only one with fancy reflections on album art. The best part about it is that it’s a general use component that doesn’t require customization each time. It can wrap any transparent JComponent and it will automatically repaints whenever the contained component changes. You see the text appearing in the reflection as you type in the text field. Try the Web Start ReflectionDemo. Source code is provided in reflectiondemo.jar, and an explanation of how it’s done follows.

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Fully Interactive JTables (aka Mouseover Editing)

What sucks about JTables? Everything, of course—but that’s a developer’s perspective. To the user, cell editing is rough around the edges: when and where to click, and how many times—it’s never perfectly clear. Cells in a table just don’t provide the mouseover feedback that regular components do. If only a JTable behaved like a bunch of components thrown into a giant GridBag or TableLayout

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Custom Alpha Compositing

Every so often (can’t be more than once every two or three days), Swing doesn’t quite do what we need, and we end up writing customized code. In this case, all the available AlphaComposite instances provided with Java were variations on the theme of combining the colors and alpha channel of both source images into a target image. (Wikipedia’s Alpha Compositing article is good background on the topic).

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