Fun and Games with the Palantir Finance Spreadsheet Application

“You’re asking us to test our platform’s programming language? How am I supposed to do that?” My head itches from trying to recall the bits and pieces of what I learned in high school about programming, specifically the semantics of a programming language. Sure, I did a bit of programming for homework assignments in college, [...]

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Human-Computer Symbiosis: 9/11 Memorial Name Layout

We talk a lot about Human-Computer Symbiosis on this blog – it’s a systems design approach that guides us in our construction of our technology stacks. Given that, we’re always on the lookout for example of HCS systems built by other people. Here’s an unlikely example: the layout of names in the memorial was made [...]

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Inside Horizon: interactive analysis at cloud scale

Late last year, we were honored to be invited to talk at Reflections|Projections, ACM@UIUC’s annual student-run computing conference. We decided to bring a talk about Horizon, our system for doing aggregate analysis and filtering across very large amounts of data. The video of the talk was posted a few weeks back on the conference website. [...]

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The Palantir Technologies Demo Reel: screenshots, round 3

Software engineering is a craft that blends science and art. This fact is easy to overlook as the artistic aspects are often eclipsed by discussions of the science and technology behind what we do. This is not one of those times: the art in software engineering is most evident when building compelling visual interfaces, something [...]

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Palantir Finance Applied to Log4J Data

In a previous post, Eric W. covered how we analyze polled system health information. Now we’ll look at pushed information, in the form of logging events.

We had two problems to solve: how to store structured data with a logging message, and how to analyze the collected data.

Analysis is the easy part: just use Palantir! More details below the fold.

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VizWeek 2009: Awards and Workflow

We put up a post last year on the 2008 VAST Grand Challenge. Well, the IEEE VAST Challenge 2009 is over and the awards are in. We had another strong year, scoring two awards: Grand Challenge: Analyst’s Tool Choice (Of 48 submissions, only 3 Grand Challenge awards were given) Intuitive Traffic Visualization and Video Description [...]

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I used to think I understood MVC. In undergraduate CS programs, MVC is taught as an off-the-shelf pattern, explained once and then ready for use in the real world. Wikipedia also makes it seem pretty simple: Model–View–Controller (MVC) is an architectural pattern used in software engineering. Successful use of the pattern isolates business logic from [...]

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VizWeek 2008: awards and workflow

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Palantir was recently invited to the IEEE’s VisWeek in Dayton Ohio, and was honored to be invited to participate in the VAST Interactive Challenge as part of VisWeek. After winning an award for Interactive Visual Analytic Environment, Palantir was one of three teams selected to participate in the [...]

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Scatter Plot Quick Select

I recently had the opportunity to attend a talk by Ben Shneiderman, a big name in HCI and professor at the University of Maryland. He showed off a bunch of really cool visualizations he’s invented over the years, aimed at advancing the field of data analysis. One of the visualizations, the Rank-by-Feature framework, looked immediately [...]

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Printing to Plotters in Java

Carl juggles with his creation One of the things our customers love to do is print our beautiful object graphs and tape them to the wall for discussion. What they hate to do is print 30 pages, line them up, and tape them to a poster one at a time. So we bought a plotter, [...]

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