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Our technology is best understood as a stack of tightly-integrated capabilities that we bring to bear on the world’s hardest problems. Interactive data analysis sits on the surface, but an entire enterprise intelligence infrastructure lies beneath.
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Four foundational layers

The Palantir stack represents the breadth and depth of capabilities that support analysis on our data platforms: data integration, search and discovery, knowledge management and collaboration.


  2. Comprehensive, secure data integration that works with your existing data sources
    A powerful enterprise data layer, Palantir:
    • Fuses all of your data about a specific problem into a model understandable by humans
    • Brings together both structured and unstructured data
    • Provides full security of data across data sources
    • Protects data by giving analysts access to only that which they are authorized to view
    • Allows the platform to serve as the foundation for building whole new applications with Open API
    • Complements—rather than replaces—your data sources
  3. Rich, conceptual search capabilities across all types of data
    Palantir's search and discovery layer allows you to:
    • Search all of your enterprise data from a single interface
    • Query Palantir from other systems as a search service
    • Conduct conceptual searches, persistent searches and geosearches
    • Perform statistical, temporal, geospatial and relational discovery
    • Search with highly granular multi-level security controls
  4. Robust knowledge management that treats analysis like data
    The knowledge management layer of the Palantir stack offers the functionality to:
    • Securely store analyst-driven insight within the data layer
    • Allow analysts to build on each other's work
    • Track the original source of any piece of data in the system
    • Manage resolutions across data sources and security levels with full sourcing
    • Preserve the full branching history of every piece of data through Palantir’s revolutionary revisioning database
  5. Built-in collaborative features that maximize sharing while protecting privacy
    The stack's collaboration layer lets you:
    • Engage multiple analysts on the same data simultaneously, without conflict
    • Preserve data integrity by merging edits without destroying or duplicating data
    • Share data and analysis with a full and indelible history of who made what changes
    • Collaborate securely across data models and classification levels, both within and between agencies
    • Collaborate while still protecting privacy and civil liberties—the only system designed with these safeguards