Manage data like code

Our platforms use versioning technology so you can manage data like software engineers manage code.

Build Trust

There’s a reason many of the world’s most important governmental and commercial institutions rely on Palantir’s data-logic platforms, Gotham and Foundry. In both computer- and human-driven workflows, these institutions must maintain trust within and outside their organizations as they make decisions at a moment’s notice. That means they must be able to excavate the lineage of every piece of data — even as it undergoes transformations and integrations to become useful to the end user.

Most data systems make it functionally impossible to store and manage the provenance of data. Our data versioning technology allows our customers to trust their decisions, and to prove how they made those decisions to internal and external parties.


Our Data-Logic Platform

Data Versioning

Versioning and auditing ensure all changes to data are tracked. This allows users to move forward and backward in time and understand exactly how their data has evolved and how decisions were made.


In a complex data supply chain, branching provides users with a sandbox to test novel ideas, follow new lines of inquiry, and collaborate with others without disrupting the production flow.


As new versions of data and knowledge are produced across any number of branches, users can trace and reproduce the logic applied to every piece of data that leads to an insight or decision, and update any data set with reproducible builds.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment enables collaboration in rapidly evolving situations, automating dependency tracking and delivering updates on a rolling basis so accurate data is delivered to end users in real time.

Data Integrity

Data integrity provides automated data-correctness checks, provides insight into health status, and alerts on health failures to optimize limited engineering time and instill user confidence in the data.

Bringing Software Engineering Concepts to Data

Manage Data Like Code