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Palantir builds the most sophisticated data integration and analysis software in the world. We partner with government agencies, commercial institutions, and non-profit organizations to transform how they use data and technology.

Work with the best and brightest minds to solve urgent problems of massive scale. Work across an ever expanding set of domains and industries. Work on the problems you read about on the front page of the newspaper.

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Software That Solves Problems

We’ve built more than 20 products in the field with our customers. Here are a few.


Gotham is an enterprise software platform with world-class security controls. Gotham includes built-in analysis and visualization tools that can be configured for a range of data sources and workflows. Every tool, from search to investigation, is integrated into one platform.


Contour is a tool for top-down analysis of massive-scale data sets, capable of handling searches against billions of data points at sub-second speed. Contour lets users see both macro and micro trends in data through different tabular, map, and grid views.


Slate is a WYSIWYG tool that displays a curated summary of data via widgets like timelines, heatmaps, and charts. Visualizations automatically refresh to reflect underlying data changes, so users always have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Palantir Foundry

Palantir Foundry is an end-to-end layer for efficient data extraction, processing, and transformation. It serves as a single repository for data of all sizes and formats. Palantir Foundry captures raw data and eliminates intermediate processing, so users can transform data on demand.

The Adventure Is Just Beginning

Create impact as soon as you walk in our doors.

Find Rogue Traders

When traders operate outside investment guidelines and risk limits, their losses can put the entire financial system at risk. We work with banks to monitor risk exposure, investigate suspicious activities, and prevent high-risk behavior.

We uncovered a real rogue trader, which is really rare. We knew there was something there and had been working so hard. To finally have it confirmed was great. I don’t think there’s anything like Contour out there at all. It’s really astonishing that it works so well in real time and is so slick.

Sean, Forward Deployed Software Engineer

Recover and Rebuild

We're proud to partner with organizations that are dedicated to improving and saving lives. We support non-profit organizations large and small by sending our people and technology where they’re needed most.

Our software has played a huge part in collecting data and making decisions in Moore, OK, in the Philippines after Hurricane Haiyan, and many other locations. Our practice of putting interns along side full timers on real projects means that interns' code was running on all of these projects.

Stuart, Software Engineer Intern

Bring New Energy to Data

Engineers in the energy industry make decisions every day that affect production, safety, and the environment. Our work with an energy supermajor makes their operations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

We've helped a major energy company access and utilize their sensor monitoring data from the cloud. In my first six months on the team, I’ve been lucky enough to get to go on-site and discuss current workflows and needs with users directly. The best trips are when we get to share new features with them; there’s nothing better than watching users realize that they will now be able to make solid decisions about safety, production, and the company’s future five times faster.

Simone, Product Quality Engineer

Take Big Data to Small Businesses

Each year, there are over 60 billion credit card transactions in the United States. We built a platform with a major payments processing company to integrate their transaction data and deliver macro- and micro-insights to small businesses.

When our small business platform was just getting started, some Palantirians went to test our business analytics app at a local ice cream shop. With the help of the owner, they were able to quickly discover that by simply opening for an extra hour, the shop could significantly increase its revenue! It's absolutely incredible that I get to work with such talented people on this amazing technology and that I personally get to see the impact our efforts have.

Jasmine, Software Engineer

Engineers Wanted

We live the idea that nothing is impossible.

The Best Idea Wins

We believe the best idea should always win within our walls. From day one, we want you to share your ideas and hit the ground running.

Defy Convention

We’re outsiders in a world where insiders reign. We bring perspectives and ideas all our own, and create an environment and culture that no one else can replicate.

Be your best

We believe in the power of the individual. You're responsible for choosing your own adventure (with support!) and doing epic things. At Palantir, you can be the best version of yourself.

Have Fun!

Our people are our most important asset. We provide perks and benefits to support a happy and healthy community. From Hack Week to book club to trivia nights, we love to celebrate with and learn from each other.

I’m getting better at architecting code in large projects. My experience working with design has taught me a lot about how to think about UX and working with business development has taught me more about what it's like to talk to and work with real customers with pressing needs and meaningful use cases.
I was really excited about working with my future coworkers, the work I’d be doing, and the opportunities that the internship presented. Interestingly, those are still the same things I value about my job at Palantir today: people, impact, and opportunities. Plus, I had awesome direction and coaching, but I was given the freedom to fail and support when I needed it.
Palantir is the place to go to work with extremely smart, motivated people on the hardest, most impactful problems in the world. I never imagined that I could have so much impact on things that affect people everyday — everything from credit card fraud to cybersecurity to identifying at-risk families — through writing software.
The major perk of working here is the culture of never, ever being boxed in. You are free to find your superstar strengths and do what makes you truly happy. Titles follow the work, and you are encouraged to do what you think is best.
Jasmine, Software Engineer
I originally started as a Product Quality Engineer intern, then came back as an IQE full-time, then switched to backend dev after about a year, then switched to dev lead after another nine months. Our growth path is not set in stone and is different for everyone. Your role and the team you join are never permanent, so you should gear up for an exciting ride!
Stephen, Software Engineer
Interns are trusted to drive business outcomes. When I started work full time, I discovered the dashboard I built over the summer as a intern was being used on a daily basis at one of our fastest-growing deployments. Seeing my work in action was incredibly fulfilling, and I'm excited to continue doing meaningful work at Palantir.

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