At Palantir, there's no micromanagement of methodology: we simply care that things get done. For our Design team, this means that artists are treated as artists should be: encouraged and aided, rather than restricted and stifled. The creative spark is finicky: it comes at coffee shops and in music; it is bounced off of sounding boards and ping-pong tables. Strict regulation only stifles full potential.

Internally, we are the freewheeling ministry of culture. It is our duty to create color schemes, hang artwork and paint murals that stimulate minds and invite genius out to play. We craft t-shirts you'll want to wear outside the office and flair you'd be proud to sport, suspenders or no.

Externally, we make Palantir tangible. We don't coast by thinking only about our company's appearance; we consider the way our image will resonate. We adapt positioning, imagery, and language into one whole, continuous vision, until we've delivered what we intended in a way that captivates.