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Overlooking Abu Dhabi from one of the city’s tallest buildings, our Middle East outpost offers Palantirians a unique view on the world — literally and figuratively. We hail from all over the world, but all of us share an interest in the region’s culture and geopolitics. Working in this small office affords us a lot of autonomy, and combined with the resources of our larger company, we’re able to make a big impact on complex problems faced by the organizations we support in the Middle East.

What people say

Find out why people love working in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Kautuk Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Access to meaningful problems and people smarter than me — those are the two key motivators that get me rushing to the office every morning. Once I’m there, I realize we’re making an indelible impact on the future of the Middle East. Not to mention, work is interspersed with scuba dives, weekend brunches, jam sessions, and sand-dune driving. It can’t get better!

Maria Forward Deployed Software Engineer

  • Working in Abu Dhabi has given me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I’ve been able to participate in and understand professional environments that are different from other ones where I’ve worked before. The unique cultural experience I’ve found in the UAE has helped me evolve my own views of the world and grow personally.

Clemens Deployment Strategist

  • Nearly a fifth of the world’s crude oil is shipped through the Strait of Hormuz, and the UAE plays a pivotal role in the region’s stability. Working in the Abu Dhabi office lets me substantively engage in the region’s developments. I also get to dive into the local culture, work on my Arabic, and explore the wider Middle East.