We’re bringing cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology to the most important government and commercial institutions in Canada. Our small and fast-growing team works with these institutions to help solve critical issues, from national security to law enforcement to cybersecurity. We’re passionate about building great software that makes a meaningful, tangible difference in the daily lives of Canadian citizens.

Our Canadian presence, with hubs in Ottawa and soon in Toronto, has a true entrepreneurial environment. New teammates work closely with Palantirians around the world, initially spending time in Palo Alto, New York, London, or another large office, so they can hit the ground running when they arrive in Canada.

Our tight-knit team splits time between our offices and customer sites, working with users, presenting to executives, and deploying new products. From day one, we encourage team members to take initiative, pursue new opportunities, and make a real impact on multiple deployments.

We’re leading a critical element of our international expansion, and new team members will be able to shape that process. As one of the fastest-growing and most successful companies in Silicon Valley, our team is working to bring our groundbreaking software to Canada and around the world.

What people say

Find out why people love working in Canada

Lisa Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Why Palantir in Canada?

    I was immediately drawn to Palantir’s Canada office. The work we’re doing in Canada is compelling and important, and as a Canadian I love being able to solve problems that matter to my country. Palantir is an innovative company full of extremely intelligent and passionate people, and being able to contribute to our growth in Canada means a lot to me.

Michael Forward Deployed Engineer

  • What makes Palantir’s Canada office unique?

    Our work is incredibly impactful. Canada is a major player in our global operations, and working on Canada’s deployments allows me to reach beyond Canadian borders. It’s also wonderful to be in a small office where everyone is smart, passionate, and friendly. We have a lot of responsibilities on our deployments, but we still enjoy just hanging out together as friends.

David Forward Deployed Engineer

  • What’s the best thing about Palantir’s work in Canada?

    Our customers are some of the most interesting and important organizations in the country. Plus, Canada is tightly networked with Palantir’s other international offices, so we constantly get to collaborate with colleagues and deployments around the world. We’re also uniquely positioned for career development—our work in Canada is just getting started and growing quickly, so everyone gets to explore a broad range of roles and cultivate diverse skill sets.