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Located at the cultural, artistic, and academic heart of Munich, our office in Maxvorstadt is helping Germany’s key commercial and government institutions solve their hardest problems.

Germany’s long-standing tradition of privacy and its history of engineering innovation align strongly with what we value most as a company. We are passionate about helping Germany’s most important public and private institutions achieve their goals while maintaining their commitment to data protection. Our presence in Munich allows us to play an essential role in fostering an innovative yet responsible entrepreneurial environment.

What people say

Find out why people love working in Munich, Germany

Jutta Deployment Strategist

  • In Germany, we’re on new ground for Palantir. Every day, we’re answering questions that are new to us — and our partner organizations. I’m proud of our commitment to issues of privacy and data protection. It’s great to see our customers’ faces light up when they see how our platform doesn’t only answer their standard privacy questions, but goes three miles beyond what is required. It feels good to have the chance to give my country what it needs right now.

Jakob Forward Deployed Engineer

  • I’m excited about helping our partner institutions, who are incredibly motivated and supportive of us, solve their highly complex and challenging problems. We’re changing the way our clients have worked for 30 years in only a few weeks. And our work in Germany is expanding, which means there are endless opportunities for impactful projects.