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In the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is home to Palantir’s first office. Here, you’ll find everything from our product development team (who builds next-generation Palantir products) to our Design Studio (where designers craft user interfaces) to our Security Operations Center (where the InfoSec team protects our networks against cyber threats).

What people say

Find out why people love working in Palo Alto, CA

Winson Chef de Cuisine

  • Palo Alto reminds me of a college campus where all of its students are studying their own respective curriculums, but can, at any time, collaborate and work towards the same goal/project. This encouraged sense of community has made me better at my job, overall. Coming from food service and hospitality, getting to know the people I work with has not only awarded me with invaluable friends, but it’s also given me a stronger pulse on how to better provide for my fellow Palantirians through my core functions every day.

Pauline Technical Support

  • Working in Palo Alto puts you at the heart of all things Palantir. This is where it started and there’s history here – you can just feel it. It’s great to be a part of Palantir history.

Danielle Development Group Lead

  • Some people love to do outdoors-y things like run, hike, and bike. There’s also a lot of people who enjoy playing card and board games. I live in San Francisco, so on a typical weekend you can find me running along the Embarcadero, visiting the amazing Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, or eating out at a new restaurant.