Our office in Sydney serves as the launchpad for our growing business in Asia Pacific. From within walking distance of the Harbour Bridge, we protect networks from cyber attacks, break up human trafficking rings, and fight terrorism and organised crime. Before and after work, you can find us hitting the waves at Bondi and grabbing a flat white around Circular Quay.

What people say

Find out why people love working in Sydney, Australia

Graham Forward Deployed Engineer

  • What’s really nice about working at Palantir in Sydney is how we use the city as a venue for our Palantir community. Between surf lessons and wine tastings, Sydney is an amazing backdrop for the important work we do. We spend a day stopping hackers, then take the ferry home past the Opera House.

Olivia Embedded Analyst

  • It’s incredible working with a team like this. A typical day could involve optimising aid delivery for natural disasters in the morning, developing technical strategies to reduce crime with a lawyer in the afternoon, and then grabbing dinner with some intelligence analysts in the evening. Whatever we do, the mission always comes first and you can feel that focus around the office. There’s nothing better than believing that the work you do will positively impact your country and your community.