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Our office in the heart of the Sydney CBD serves as the launchpad for our growing business in Asia-Pacific and is home to a multinational team from across Australia and around the world. We work with critical institutions to protect networks from cyber attacks, disrupt money laundering rings, and fight terrorism and organised crime. Alongside this important work, you can find us hitting the waves at Bondi or teaching visiting Palantirians where to find the best coffee.

What people say

Find out why people love working in Sydney, Australia

Michael Embedded Analyst

  • I joined Palantir because it sits at the intersection of advanced technology, genuinely meaningful problems, and great people - and that is a pretty small region of the Venn diagram. Five years on, I’m happy I did. I’ve worked on projects ranging from national security to energy distribution, and I’m always amazed by the expertise of our users and what we can enable them to do with cutting-edge software. It’s really empowering to be able to make this kind of contribution without leaving Australia.

James Forward Deployed Engineer

  • I joined Palantir after co-founding a start-up in Sydney, and love the sand and salt lifestyle of this city. The people, global reach, and resources of Palantir combine to provide an incredible platform for wielding your skills against some of the most compelling and challenging problems facing the world today.

Stacey Embedded Analyst

  • With morning commutes across the sparkling waters of the Sydney Harbour, exploring scenic coastal trails in Manly, and visiting kangaroos at the Taronga Zoo, life in Sydney couldn’t get much better. The Palantir office provides a central location for our work on impactful and invigorating projects, with the best restaurants, cafés, and bars in the city right on our doorstep. Add in team outings to Australian wine country and rugby games, signing the iconic Palantir surfboard in the office, and year-round beautiful weather, and Palantir’s Sydney office has my vote for the best one in the world!