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Deployment Strategists stand at the front lines of Palantir. We work directly with customers to deliver value from their data, and ensure they’re using our products as effectively as possible to solve problems.

As Deployment Strategists, we combine a passion for technology with an ability to navigate organizational hurdles. We instinctively gravitate toward project ownership and team leadership. We present a comprehensive, compelling vision for how our software can transform the way our customers use data, then we test that vision through experimentation, iteration, and execution. Working side by side with our Forward Deployed Engineers, we find our way to solutions: through messy data, through bureaucratic labyrinths, through sandstorms in “data centers” made of tents and suitcases. Whatever it takes, we figure out how to do it.

The problems we solve are extraordinarily diverse, and so are we. Among our ranks, you’ll find former teachers and lawyers, soldiers and financial analysts. We are bound together by our creativity, our analytical abilities, our problem-solving skills, and the grit needed to get things done.

Meet the team

Find out why people love working as Deployment Strategists at Palantir

Juan Deployment Strategist

  • My role is a combination of data analyst, product manager, and product designer all rolled into one. I get to be player and coach at the same time—on a team with some of the most staggering technical talent, facing some of the most interesting datasets and business problems I can imagine. Yesterday I pilot-tested a new product with select users, helping them work through their data to solve real use cases. After synthesizing the pilot feedback, I then worked with our Design and Engineering teams to refine the user experience and build out the data integration. And then I planned upcoming demos for customer stakeholders and scheduled our enterprise rollout.

Sarah Deployment Strategist

  • My most challenging responsibilities as a Deployment Strategist are ensuring that we’re getting access to the most important problems on the ground, eliminating as many blockers to success as possible, and hopefully ensuring that everyone on my team is set up to produce incredible outcomes onsite. This makes for a huge range of work. Yesterday, I presented project plans, had a brainstorming session to outline all our options for a new product roll-out plan, and watched an incredible demo that was designed in collaboration with a subset of awesome users.