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Forward Deployed Software Engineers (FDSEs) are responsible for technical success at our deployments. We’re highly technical and relentlessly curious, and we thrive when we’re in the middle of a hard problem. We work directly with users in the field to understand their workflows, prototype tools and features, and continually improve our products. From high-level system design to enterprise-scale data integration to application development, our work looks different every day. Put simply, we bring technical expertise to bear on the problems that matter most.

What people say

Find out why people love working as FDSEs at Palantir

Burak Forward Deployed Software Engineer

  • Every day at Palantir is entirely unique. One day, I might be optimizing database queries for a customer workflow. Another day, I will be doing an architecture design review. You get to wear all kinds of hats and leave no technology untouched. I would have to try really, really hard to be bored at Palantir.

Chris Forward Deployed Software Engineer

  • I joined Palantir to work the counter-IED problem facing U.S. forces deployed overseas. I had the opportunity to work closely with users and witnessed how technology could make a real impact on important problems. My peers were monetizing ad revenue, and I was working against adaptive bomb making cells. It would be hard to find this kind of work somewhere else. Real impact, real people, real problems.

Bonnie Forward Deployed Software Engineer

  • I started at Palantir as an intern in New York. That summer, I worked alongside another intern to help build a tool for a law enforcement agency, which eventually got patented! Since joining full time, I’ve worked with a major hedge fund where I’ve experienced a huge amount of technical growth. I’ve worked with distributed systems in the cloud; with open source technologies (including Cassandra); and with data at massive scale. As FDSEs, we spend a lot of time in unchartered territory, with Palantir products and open-source products, trying to push technologies to work in ways people haven’t used them before.