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Information Security

We are engineers, analysts, and operators who do a little of everything. We hold the line that separates a safe, supportive environment from a dangerous, closed environment.

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When the job is done right in Information Security, you shouldn’t even notice us. Internally, we make it our business to fight for the future without interfering in the present, and we ensure that the comfort of a safe workplace doesn’t come at the cost of culture. Externally, we provide Palantir’s customers with deep security expertise to detect potentially adverse actions—both malicious and mistaken—and to prevent irreparable harm. As a team, our diverse talents keep us running.

Meet the team

Find out why people love working in Information Security at Palantir

Kimmy Engineering Lead

  • Every day, I am inspired by my colleagues who challenge and push the boundaries of what others might feel is hard or impossible. Together, we keep Palantir secure, productive, and ultimately just love getting things done. We help make the world a little better and have some fun while doing it. I choose to be here because I love the work, the people, and the mission.

Mike Information Security Engineer

  • I came to Palantir because I wanted to work on valuable and meaningful projects. Since joining, I’ve had an opportunity to work on some of hardest and most impactful problems of my career, learned a ton, and made lifelong friends. Working in InfoSec at Palantir is anything but checkbox security. We’re tackling real challenges, making actual changes, and protecting our organization, our customers, and the world. The opportunity at Palantir is unparalleled and I come to work every day inspired and ready to face a new and different challenge.

Les Information Security Engineer

  • It’s energizing to work on an InfoSec team that’s empowered to actually move the needle on security instead of just maintaining the status quo. Our business leads to unique and complex security challenges, and I love getting to solve them. The team is full of motivated individuals with vastly different backgrounds, and I learn something new from them every day.