We meet problems where they live. Wherever our users are — whether it’s Afghanistan or Atlanta, New York or New Zealand — we are there too. Now, all new Software Engineers and Quality Engineers have the opportunity to start work at Palantir with a rotation in the field.

Software Engineers build products that solve problems across a wide range of organizations and industries (think: drug manufacturing, financial oversight, and disaster response). We’re responsible for every stage of the product lifecycle, from brainstorming to prototyping to shipping the product. We push the boundaries of what’s possible to create world-class products, and we leverage a wide range of technologies to get the job done.

Meet the team

Find out why people love working as Software Engineers at Palantir

Brian Software Engineer

  • My teams are almost always directly addressing user needs. Recently, we were building tools to enable small business owners to make better decisions about their businesses by integrating transaction data to deliver macro- and micro-insights to small businesses. We’re also working with a major company in the energy industry to change how they store, analyze, and take action on all the data they have (a lot!), which should have very meaningful impact on the effectiveness of their operations.

Caitlin Software Engineer

  • One of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my time at Palantir is design and build a project from scratch. When all you have is a problem and you could build absolutely anything, figuring out the right thing to build is a challenge. It takes a lot of design, iteration, and working closely with users to validate that what you’re building solves real problems. It’s tough, but when you get it right—when you build something that allows users to do something that they could never do before—it’s incredibly rewarding.

Randy Software Engineer

  • We like to say that working at Palantir is a “design your own adventure” experience, except that it’s true. What I love about Palantir is that if you really care about something and think you can fix it, you can just run with it. I started as a backend developer on a complex caching system using Spark and Elasticsearch, and now I’m leading a new customer project and working directly with users in the field. It’s a lot more rewarding (and fun!) to solve problems you feel passionate about.