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Scholarship for Women in Engineering

At Palantir, our mission is to find or develop solutions for the world’s hardest problems. Since 2010, our annual scholarship has helped us discover and reward students doing just that. Our scholarship is now targeted towards undergraduate women and sponsored by our Women in Engineering group. This year, from a record pool of applicants, we chose nine finalists who we believe represent the best of what women in technology have to offer.

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Women in Cybersecurity Conversation and Cocktails

Women in Cybersecurity will bring together women leaders from the cybersecurity field to discuss the evolving cyber threat and opportunities for practitioners in this growing field. Hosted by Melody Hildebrandt from Palantir Technologies and Elena Kvochko of the World Economic Forum, the event will feature leaders from the prosecutorial, academic, financial services, and other industry fields to discuss their diverse experiences in the the cybersecurity field and lessons learned for future leaders.

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Housing Homeless Veterans with Palantir Homelink

It is estimated that on any given night, 50,000 veterans are homeless in the United States, including over 12,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. For homeless veterans across the U.S., the process of finding permanent housing can be difficult and slow. Homeless service providers struggle to meet the complicated federal and local requirements for funding and housing, and legacy databases are siloed and outdated. Veterans end up bouncing between various organizations, filling out dozens of forms, and sitting on housing waiting lists for up to 300 days.

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Food for Thought: Improving Farmer Livelihoods on 3 Continents

With much of the US focusing on the dinner table at Thanksgiving, we at Palantir wanted to share a video about our work helping Grameen Foundation and other partner organizations use data to alleviate food insecurity and improve livelihoods for smallholder farmers around the world. Improving these farmers’ lives represents one of the world’s most important problems, as over two billion people make their living from agriculture, and smallholder farmers making up 70% of the world’s extreme poor. Watch the video below to see how our technology is helping our partners better target products and services to improve farmers’ productivity and sustainability, optimize farming practices to improve crop yields, and invest in services that work through more effective program monitoring & evaluation. It is critical for organizations working in the space to use data effectively in order to support these outcomes, and we are looking forward to building on this body of work in 2015 to continue to support our partners’ excellent work around the world.

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C4ADS helps East African authorities and local NGOs seize over $10MM in illicit environmental goods

Throughout 2014, our partners at C4ADS have been using Palantir Gotham to uncover illicit networks involved in elephant poaching and the lucrative illegal ivory trade. C4ADS has integrated and analyzed open source data to shine a light on transnational networks trafficking in elephant ivory and other illegal environmental goods, while working with a coalition of NGOs, government partners, and private corporations. As an example of direct impact from this work, C4ADS’ analysis recently helped East African authorities identify a likely illicit shipment, leading to the seizure of at least $11 million in illegal environmental goods and making for one of the largest environmental crime seizures in African history.

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How to Ace a Software Decomp Interview

Coding. Algorithms. System Design. These interviews, to assess core skills necessary for a successful career at Palantir, remain at the heart of our hiring process. But as our company and products have evolved, so has the range of skills we need in candidates. We’ve recently added a decomposition interview to our slate, and, as we’ve done in the past, we’re going to go ahead and offer some tips for how to do well in this portion of your Palantir interview.

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Following The Ivory

Mapping the Global Ivory Poaching Supply Chain with C4ADS

For the past year, the Washington, DC-based non-profit C4ADS has been using Palantir to investigate elephant poaching and ivory trafficking, an illicit trade that is at its highest level in 25 years. Their new report, Out of Africa: Mapping the Global Trade in Illicit Elephant Ivory, reveals how specific criminal groups in Asia and Africa sustain the ivory trade and identifies common routes and potential bottlenecks in international transport, such as major shipping ports that ivory is likely to pass through.

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Analyzing the Present and Possible Futures of the U.S. Veterans Population with CNAS and Palantir Metropolis

The U.S. veteran population includes more than 21 million men and women who have served their country in uniform, ranging from veterans of the “greatest generation” who fought in World War II to veterans completing their first enlistment. Within this population are 6 million “Gulf War-era” veterans who were part of, or have served since, the first Gulf conflict in the early 1990s.

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