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Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Video Analytics: Part 1

During the past year and a half, Palantir has been developing Palantir Video, a video analytics application that will allow Palantir Gotham users to better integrate video information into the rest of their analyses. The initial Palantir Video functionality will be limited to basic playback capabilities and the ability for a user to tag individuals and events within video data and associate those tags with information from other data sources in Palantir Gotham. As we continue to develop this capability, we will explore more advanced analytic capabilities, many of which may raise concerns about the potential effects of this kind of analysis on the protection of privacy and civil liberties.

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Announcing the Palantir Council on Privacy and Civil Liberties

Last month, at Palantir’s GovCon8 event, our CEO, Dr. Alex Karp, announced the creation of the Palantir Council of Advisors on Privacy and Civil Liberties (PCAP). This Council of experts has been created to assist us in understanding and addressing the complex privacy and civil liberties (P/CL) issues surrounding the use of our platform to aggregate and analyze of data in the many areas in which our customers work.

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