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Responding to COVID-19

We are humbled to be supporting a diverse range of institutions as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt for the future. Here, you can find updates on our work, information on our approach to protecting privacy, and resources for institutions to accelerate their responses to the crisis. We’ll update this page regularly as the outbreak evolves.

Combating the Outbreak

Organizations across the healthcare system are currently deploying Palantir to accelerate and strengthen their ability to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, from tracing the spread of the virus to accelerating production of critical medical supplies.

We are ready to deploy our technology to organizations on the front lines of the outbreak and encourage institutions seeking support to reach out to

We believe that it’s critical to uphold our values during a crisis.

Protecting Privacy and Civil Liberties

We believe that it’s critical to uphold our values during a crisis. Organizations must maintain the highest privacy and data protection standards, even under extraordinary circumstances. Our longstanding commitment to building privacy-protective technology ensures that our partners can integrate and analyze their own data in ways that are consistent with legal and ethical considerations.

Public and private institutions around the world have trusted Palantir software to help them make use of their most sensitive data for more than 15 years. These organizations, and the communities they serve, require their data to be processed in a secure, reliable, and transparent way, and our software is purpose-built to meet these requirements.

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  • Public Health

    Public health agencies around the world are using Palantir to create national Common Operating Pictures to drive their responses. Palantir lets each agency create a unified catalogue of data to power response workflows: tracking and analyze the spread of COVID-19, measuring the effectiveness of mitigation strategies, and coordinating with local institutions, such as hospitals and medical supply manufacturers.

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  • Medical Supply Chain

    Commercial manufacturers and government agencies are using Palantir collaboratively to meet unprecedented demand for supplies, even as factories and ports close around the world. Medical suppliers are gaining novel insight into their global supply chains, understanding demand changes in real time, tracing system bottlenecks to their source, and optimizing decisions under challenging circumstances. Governments and manufacturers are also beginning to model scenarios and decisions in Palantir to understand and plan for their potential effects.

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  • Hospitals

    We are partnering with hospitals to help them maximize capacity, route crucial medical supplies, and collaborate securely with public health agencies. They are gaining full visibility into readiness and identifying emerging supply and staff shortages. They can prioritize issues and allocate resources according to real-time need, maximizing the number of patients served. They are also using Palantir to report critical data to public health agencies in a secure and standardized format, while maintaining ownership of and control over their sensitive data and preserving the privacy of their patients.

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Adapting + Building Resilience

The effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are already beginning to reverberate across every industry. From rerouting shipping vessels to forecasting supply chain disruptions, companies must adapt and pivot to continue providing essential goods and services in a dramatically changing world. Read on to learn how our commercial partners are gauging the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses and rapidly evaluating and deploying solutions to help contain the spread and create resiliency for the future.

  • Keeping Vital Goods Moving

    At a large Anglo-Australian mining company that ships thousands of containers a year, the COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically impacted the availability of shipping vessels. By integrating third-party vessel tracking data with their own, they can now proactively mitigate issues by anticipating delays and finding alternate vessels.

  • Reassessing Demand in Real Time

    A global logistics provider relies long-term trends of imports and exports, which are inaccurate in the current environment. We have helped our partner deploy agile forecasting capabilities that can keep pace with rapidly changes, allowing supply chain engineers to ensure the reliable shipment of goods internationally.

  • Stimulating the Economy

    We can help our partners integrate a range of economic indicators to monitor activity in near-real time so to ensure stimulus measures are effectively reactivating the economy.

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  • Protecting a Global Workforce

    A major oil and gas company has more than 50,000 employees across 70 countries. Centralized security operators are now using Palantir Foundry to maintain an up-to-date mapping of employee locations over time, enabling the company to reach out to at-risk employees directly, and ensuring only business-critical travel takes place.

Best Practices

Palantir has substantial experience helping organizations use data and technology to adapt to rapidly evolving threats. We deeply understand the operational challenges that enterprises face when time and resources are limited and the pressure to act is high.

Below, we’re gathering our best practices to help organizations act prudently, decisively, and wisely in response to the crisis.