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“Talented and ethical people come from all walks of life, and anyone talented and ethical is welcome here”

— Dr. Alex Karp, CEO

Our Philosophy

For ten years, we’ve built our company by being unconventional and open-minded. We’ve been willing to try things that people said would never work, and we’ve adapted when we’ve been wrong. Where we’ve succeeded, it’s because we’ve been different.

To succeed, we need the very best ideas of all kinds. To access the broadest and fullest set of ideas, our community must attract and encourage people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences.

We work every day to build a truly diverse workforce, and to foster an environment that is respectful and receptive to new ideas. We celebrate difference and diversity — of background, approach, and identity.

For Palantirians,
By Palantirians

Over the years, Palantirians have organized many community and interest groups that receive support and resources from the company. Active groups include Women in Technology, Veterans at Palantir, Palantir Parents, and Palan-Queer (our group for the LGBT-identified and allies).

Universal Benefits

We’ve ensured that our benefits program reflects our values in being supportive and inclusive. We offer Palantirians:

Fully paid parental leave at the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child.

Fully paid medical coverage for spouses and domestic partners, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care.

Wellness subsidy to support a wide range of health needs.

Broader Community

We believe in engaging with the communities where we live and work. We’re active locally near our offices, and nationally in STEM education. Recently, we’ve launched an after-school coding program for underserved students in East Palo Alto, mentored GenTech students as part of an entrepreneurship and technology summer program in New York City, and hosted events with the Level Playing Field Institute and she++ college ambassadors at our headquarters in Palo Alto. We also sponsor our annual Women in Technology Scholarship to support and celebrate women pursuing undergraduate degrees and careers in technology.

A haven for all talent

Most companies look for well-rounded people who fit a type or mold. At Palantir, we look for people with exceptional potential, and don’t suffer under the false myth of “cultural fit.” Because of our open, evolving structure, there are many models of success at Palantir, and many opportunities to develop the best of what one has to offer.

Just as there isn’t one path to success at Palantir, there isn’t one path to finding a job at Palantir. We use a variety of tools to find people with new and different perspectives — and to help them find us. We work with organizations like Code2040 and National Center for Women & Information Technology that help us nurture diverse talent pools and identify exceptional individuals from underrepresented groups.

We comply with UK Gender Pay Gap reporting requirements, and support the effort to encourage transparency. Read our 2018 report here.

“'Culture,' and specifically 'cultural fit,' does NOT mean someone who looks like me, someone who likes the same video games and music I do, or even someone I would like to hang out with. Our culture is defined by a set of values that translate into actions that we take when confronted with challenges, and those values transcend race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, and sexual identity. Our emphasis on culture is intended to help us maximize the value of our collective endeavor, not to exclude others.”

— Peer-led orientation presentation