Candidate Survey

This is an anonymous survey to help Palantir improve our interview process and better understand our candidates in aggregate.  It should take less than 5 minutes, and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback.  All parts are optional, so feel free to skip anything you don't want to fill out.

How were you introduced into Palantir:

Please rate each of the following parts of the application process:
1 (Poor) 2 (Below Average) 3 (Fine) 4 (Good) 5 (Awesome) N/A
Based on your experience and your offer, please rate Palantir on the following:
1 (Poor) 2 (Below Average) 3 (Fine) 4 (Good) 5 (Awesome) N/A

Please feel free to share anything else about your interview experience and decision, for example:

  • What could Palantir have done differently to make the application and interview experience better? To make your offer better?
  • What key factors contributed to your decision to decline your offer?
  • Did you want to expand on your ratings from above?
  • Did any person or part of the application process stick out as particularly good or bad?
  • Anything else you think we should know?

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