“Knowing that I play a small role, even if it's just supporting behind the scenes, in assisting agents more effectively arrest drug dealers, human traffickers, and child predators makes me appreciate working at Palantir.”
Mike, Deployment Strategist

Building software to improve national security

A federal law enforcement agency employs thousands of personnel at headquarters and in field offices throughout the United States. The agency’s agents and analysts work with many data sets, fragmented across multiple systems: case records, tips and leads, arrest reports, and more. Every data source is sensitive, and timely access to good information is critical during high-stakes operations, where precisely timed takedowns of suspected criminals rely on communication among users at headquarters and in the field.

We’ve been partners since 2011, when we deployed Palantir Gotham to integrate and secure dozens of their data sources in just a few weeks to help solve a breaking case. Since then, we’ve continued to integrate more data sources and deploy more applications and helpers — including Palantir Mobile, which extends Palantir Gotham into the hands of field users. Now, when agents are deployed to take down trafficking suspects or protect visiting dignitaries, they can search for data from their smartphones and send reports and images from the field back to analysts at base.

This is mission-critical work. To get it right, we have to work closely with users to make sure we deploy products that make their day-to-day work easier and more impactful. We spend time alongside these users, both on site and in the field, helping tweak data models and interfaces and collecting their feedback to bring back to our product development teams. Our rapid release cadence means that users often see their bug reports and feature requests incorporated into the product within a few weeks.

Today, more than 7,500 users across the agency are analyzing data that used to be fragmented across incompatible systems, now available in one place for the first time in the agency’s history. Field agents can quickly complete work that previously required being at a desk from their smartphones. Leaders can coordinate and oversee operations with more awareness than before. This means our customer can carry out the larger-scale operations required to take down smugglers and traffickers and, in turn, more effectively achieve its mission to keep the United States safe and secure.

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