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Data integration is the seminal problem of the digital age. For more than a decade, we’ve helped the world’s institutions rise to the challenge.

Palantir Foundry encodes our experience in an open, interoperable, and extensible platform. With Foundry, leading organizations are accelerating their end-to-end data transformation — and redefining their industries.

What is Palantir Foundry?

Palantir Foundry is a platform that reimagines how people use data by removing the barriers between back-end data management and front-end data analysis. Foundry enables users with varying technical ability and deep subject matter expertise to work meaningfully with data. With Foundry, anyone can source, connect, and transform data into any shape they desire, then use it to take action.

Under the hood

Palantir Foundry is backed by a suite of best-in-class capabilities for data integration that run on data and business logic in tandem:

  • Versioning semantics to keep data and business logic in sync
  • Dynamic, systemwide security and access controls to replace unreliable one-off policies
  • Branching of code, analyses, and reports to enable safe experimentation
  • Microservice architecture with built-in coordination, security, and upgrades to keep individual components in sync
  • Open APIs and data formats to interoperate with an organization's entire data ecosystem
  • Flexible data protection frameworks to keep up with evolving regulations and industry best practices

Palantir Foundry's front-end capabilities let every user tap into the power of their organization's data:

  • A central data foundation to drive collaboration, discovery, and serendipity across functions
  • A common ontology to turn a complex data landscape into a human-readable representation of the entire organization
  • Datasets and analyses that feed back into the platform to allow users to build on one another's work, rather than constantly starting from scratch
  • Human-readable data lineage to let users jump from insights to the data and logic that feed them
  • Diverse analytical tooling to supercharge traditionally non-technical functions and accelerate advanced analytical initiatives

Powering Data Transformation

Foundry's capabilities comprise the four core pillars of a flexible and enduring transformation:

Protect data confidently with automatic propagation from source system to final insight

Understand how an insight came to be with lineage and versioning of both data and code

Protect production without disconnecting it from the sandbox environment

Unify the organization by capturing every business concept in a common ontology

Compound business intelligence by feeding insights back into the ontology

Improve the quality of ontology data automatically and continuously

Empower business analysts with point-and-click environments that unlock complex analytics

Supercharge advanced analytics for data engineers and data scientists

Accelerate machine learning and artificial intelligence with quality data and seamless deployment to production

Enhance the value of existing IT investments by centralizing data operations

Plug in to in-house and third-party solutions through open data formats and open APIs

Accelerate future projects and reduce their cost with reusable data pipelines and centralized management

What are organizations doing with Palantir Foundry?

A successful data transformation requires the whole organization — users, the IT shop, and leadership — to operate in lockstep. With Foundry, the enterprise comes together to transform the organization and turn data into a competitive advantage.

The world's leading organizations are using Foundry to:

  • Deliver immediate, compounding business value. With the whole organization collaborating on the same data foundation, the cost of new data projects drops, and the value of the data asset increases over time. Instead of putting success at the end of a five-year roadmap, Palantir Foundry lets organizations achieve critical outcomes from the start.
  • Unite the organization around a common ontology. Collaboration takes off when the whole organization is speaking the same language. Palantir Foundry lets organizations translate their entire business into an ontology: a set of building blocks that map business concepts to the data that describes them. With one flexible ontology as a starting point for every user, new questions, analyses, and projects enhance organizational knowledge rather than fragment it.
  • Manage data and business logic in tandem. Business logic codifies the knowledge that holds an organization together. Palantir Foundry manages business logic in tandem with the data it runs on so that as logic evolves, insights do too. Users can always trace an insight back to the data and logic that feed it.
  • Secure the data once; secure the system in perpetuity. Palantir Foundry lets organizations define granular access control policies at the integration stage, then propagates those policies intelligently across the system. Organizations can promote data access confidently with granular data security and transparent data governance.
  • Instill trust in data with continuous improvement. In a living data ecosystem, data integrity is a moving target that requires continuous improvement over time. Palantir Foundry combines automated data quality checks with tools for users to flag issues when they see them, sustaining the integrity of the data asset over the long term.
  • Make operations analytical and analytics operational. Successful data transformation calls for collaboration across the entire organization. Palantir Foundry blurs the lines between functions so that subject matter experts answer mission-critical questions without learning to code, and data scientists operate at the heart of the business.

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