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Palantir Foundry
One Platform. Global Impact.

Healthcare institutions use Palantir Foundry to accelerate the rate of scientific discovery. With real-time access to experimental findings, they are performing novel statistical analyses, developing breakthrough insights into diseases, and collaborating in new ways across the scientific community.

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Turbocharging research at the NIH

NIH High-Throughput Screening Robots have tested hundreds of millions of combinations of cell lines and compounds.

Researchers use Foundry to access and analyze this massive-scale data, uncovering potential repurposing opportunities, synergistic drug combinations, and genomic correlates of drug response.

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Unifying patient data to personalize medicine

Cancer centers use Foundry to overcome a siloed data landscape.

With a unified and compliant view of patients that fully respects patient privacy, scientists create granular patient cohorts to deliver individualized therapy.

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Empowering smart, adaptive sales

A pharma company integrates tens of data sources to gain valuable statistical insights into the market.

Managers pinpoint new revenue opportunities and sales representatives feed their learnings back into Foundry to continuously improve sales strategies.

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