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Palantir Foundry
One Platform. Global Impact.

Leading manufacturers use Palantir Foundry to connect local decisions with global ones - from the factory floor to the C-suite. For the first time, these organizations have an integrated feedback loop to rethink product development, proactively address quality issues, and optimize production.

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Improving vehicle quality and ratings

Thousands of automotive plant engineers detect trending defects at their station while vehicles are still on the assembly line, minimizing costly issues later on.

Key vehicle models have since made a jump in quality score rankings.

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Optimizing production globally

A global manufacturer uses Foundry to plan production across hundreds of plants.

With a newfound ability to run large numbers of optimization scenarios, analysts more efficiently allot production and have identified ways to save tens of millions of dollars.

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Scoping recalls with a leap in speed and precision

By automatically mapping parts to vehicles, Foundry allows a major automaker to identify all vehicles potentially affected by a recall in minutes.

And thanks to more accurate scoping, costly recall amendments are down significantly.

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