Supply Chain Control Tower

For Rapid

It’s easy to deploy software in a vacuum.
↳ The real world isn’t a vacuum.

We transform data
into decisions,
and shocks
into strength.

Our team has helped global institutions tackle the most dynamic crises and disruptions of the last two decades. Our software, Palantir Foundry, thrives when you needed the solution yesterday.
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Each vaccine centre set up outside GP practices or hospitals needs more than 400 items of equipment to function, from needles to fridges and resuscitation equipment. Palantir’s system brings together warehouse inventories and information about patients and the readiness of trained staff.

Financial Times

Our work with Palantir will save time and money so we can more effectively and efficiently feed 90 million people on any given day across the globe. When you work in the complex and volatile environments that we do, you know that efficient access to data means your operation runs smoother, and together with Palantir, we're going to be even better at saving lives.

Executive Director
World Food Program



and Modular

Take only what you need. Build on what you have.

Foundry was built to be interoperable. You can supercharge existing data systems in hours without migrating. Once connected, you choose the specific Foundry modules that serve your most urgent needs.


Featured Module / Supply Chain

Supply Chain Control Tower

When disruption shocks a supply chain, organizations have to address thousands of interconnected dependencies. Every minute counts, and the Supply Chain Control Tower equips organizations to respond accurately and at speed to adapt to critical disruptions.

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Global Decisions on a Single Pane of Glass

Palantir Demo Day

Supply Chain Control Tower


Supply Chain Control Tower



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