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Integrate, manage, secure, and analyze all of your enterprise data.


Palantir Gotham serves as an organization's knowledge base, containing the full record of an organization's data, intelligence, and insights. It is built on the following principles.

Data Integration

Palantir Gotham efficiently integrates and models an organization's data—regardless of type or volume—into a single, cohesive data asset that humans use to solve their toughest problems.

Instead of rigid rows and columns, Palantir Gotham can transform structured and unstructured data into objects and associated properties that represent real concepts (such as people, organizations, places, documents, and events) and the relationships that connect them. This Palantir Gotham data model is called a "Dynamic Ontology" because it can be re-defined over time, which makes it possible to integrate structured and unstructured data from many sources into a coherent whole. Most large data integration projects take years to complete, but Palantir Gotham operates within weeks.

Knowledge Management

Palantir Gotham builds a version-controlled knowledge base that accumulates an organization's insights. This means that knowledge doesn't walk out the door when the user does.

Integrated data can be stored in Palantir Gotham's Revisioning Database (RevDB). Conceptually similar to distributed version control systems such as Git, RevDB allows analysts to branch and work in individual sandboxes until they are ready to publish findings to the organization. RevDB also reveals the provenance of all data and logs every step of analysis conducted in the platform. Organizations always understand where an insight came from and how they reached it, and users can view snapshots of the data ecosystem to understand organizational knowledge at specific points in time.

Secure Collaboration

Palantir Gotham makes organization-wide collaboration possible through stringent, platform-wide security.

Every piece of data is tethered to its original data source, where access restrictions can be applied at the level of the individual attributes that describe an object (e.g., a building's address, a vehicle's model). These permissions govern how people interact with data. All user and administrator interactions with the system and the use of information to which they have access are recorded in audit logs. These audit logs can additionally be configured to be tamper-evident. Security capabilities extend across the platform, so new data that users create is subject to the same standard of security, auditing, and history. By maintaining data security and integrity, Palantir Gotham supports insight sharing and collaborative intelligence across organizational boundaries; across security and data models; and across low-bandwidth, high-latency networks.

Openness, Extensibility, and APIs

Palantir Gotham is a fundamentally extensible platform that maximizes openness and control over the environment.

Palantir Gotham interoperates smoothly with common programming languages, external systems, and software products through industry-standard REST APIs, while the platform's open APIs allow users to build new capabilities. All operations performed via Java and REST APIs are subject to Palantir's security, audit logging, and safety checks, and all data can be exported in an open XML format for use in other frameworks. Conjure, Palantir’s open-source toolchain for HTTP/JSON APIs, generates client and server bindings in a variety of languages from a declarative API definition written in YAML. As technology evolves, Palantir Gotham is built to keep pace so that organizations have what they need to do their most important work.