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How to Partner

We are interested in partnering with data or capability providers to enhance our customers’ analyses and workflows within Palantir Gotham or Palantir Foundry.

Why Partner?

Join Palantir in solving the world’s hardest and most rewarding data challenges

Integrate your solution with the industry’s preeminent platform for enterprise data analytics

Access new customers and verticals around the world

Broaden and deepen your footprint with your current customers

Increase the stickiness and value of your data and technology

Showcase your data and technology solutions to Palantir’s global network of government and commercial customers

Get invaluable exposure for your brand and offering at Palantir events

Receive training on Palantir’s cutting-edge data analytics platforms

Partnering with us is easy through Palantir Partnerships

Have Questions?

How do I know if my data source or technology is the right fit for Palantir’s customer needs?

Check out the rest of our website for Palantir use cases as well as our blog. You can also read up on our current data and service partners.

I have access to an urgent and rewarding data challenge. Can I also be a partner?

Yes, if you have access to a major data challenge, then we want to hear from you. We generally like to work with partners on one reference customer first and then develop the partnership organically from there. (Nobody is interested in partnerships for the sake of partnerships.)

I am a data provider and don’t have engineers to build an integration with Palantir’s software. Is that a problem?

No problem. Palantir has existing relationships with certified, high-quality, third party developers able to assist you in building robust integrations with Palantir’s software.

I’m a third party programmer and would like to build something on top of Palantir. How can I do that?

Great! Please email and let us know what you are looking to build. Generally, we only make our developer resources available to select partners after a clear use case has been established. These resources would include an API guide, starter developer kit, and access to our Dev Zone.

How does Palantir market my solution to its customers?

Palantir Partnerships includes a robust suite of activities that highlight our partners’ offerings across Palantir’s customer base. These activities include prominent listing on our website, showcases at Palantir events, cross-trainings, as well as coffee chats with our Forward Deployed Engineers and Analysts who are responsible for our customer deployments.

My company is actually a customer of Palantir’s. How can I make sure we get access to some of these partner data sets or technologies?

If your company is interested in leveraging any of these technologies or data sets, please reach out to the Forward Deployed Engineer responsible for your deployment and let him or her know about your request.

What is the process for partnering with Palantir?

Every partnership starts with a conversation. Please email and we’ll respond usually within a few days if the potential partnership makes sense.

If there is a strong fit with our customers’ analytical needs, then we’ll want to take a closer look at your offering to ensure it meets our technology and privacy standards. Typically, we’ll identify an existing customer where our platform and your offering are present and do an initial integration to see if there is a long-term fit before taking on new opportunities together.