Preferred Partners

Palantir is a Silicon Valley product company. We partner with select firms to extend our reach and meet customer demand for additional services such as customized trainings, systems administration, engineering, and analytical support.

Palantir Preferred Partners are select third-party vendors that have been authorized to provide select forms of product support services. These providers are not authorized as re-sellers of Palantir GSA products or services. Customers seeking to procure software licenses and associated product support, upgrades, documentation, and non-critical patches must do so directly from Palantir.


PVM's mission is to provide systems engineering and software lifecycle support to Palantir deployments. PVM was founded in 2010 and has decades of experience supporting large-scale mission essential software systems. PVM is recognized for providing quality customer support and innovative solutions for the Palantir platform.

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SHINE Systems (SHINE) offers tailored solutions to government and commercial customers. Their approach is to mitigate risk and eliminate threats by aligning senior analysts with mission objectives to achieve success throughout the business life cycle. Although aided by powerful technology, analysts ultimately rely on their own instincts and intellect. SHINE understands the need for exceptional people and collaborates with their customers to provide the process and strategies required for every crucial mission.

Palantir Core Capabilities include:

  • Palantir Field Service Representatives servicing CONUS and OCONUS mission areas including: Counter-Insurgency, Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Narcotics, Targeting, and Threat Finance
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Intelligence including Fraud Detection
  • Palantir Training

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Intelligence Management Services Ltd (IMSL) - as thought-leaders, committed innovators and with personnel drawn from a range of prior intelligence backgrounds - empowers its clients to move rapidly from data, to options, to confident and informed decision-making. Headquartered in Shrivenham, UK and with subsidiaries in Canberra (Aus) and Wellington (NZ), IMSL has been providing specialised services to Palantir and its customer organisations across Europe, Australasia and on military deployments for over 4 years. IMSL’s Palantir field services include:

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Palantir training
  • Embedded Analyst support and mentoring
  • Open Source data collection and analysis
  • Data integration, engineering, and system administration support
  • Programme Management

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brightSPARK Labs builds and deploys great software. They have built a reputation of excellence and reliability, primarily servicing the Defence and Intelligence communities. brightSPARK Labs has partnered with Palantir on a number of its Australian deployments providing custom development, site automation, consulting and on-going maintenance. brightSPARK Labs are the official Palantir Developer Training Provider in the Asia Pacific region.

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VICTOR42 supports clients with analytical, operational, and technical support requirements worldwide. With over a decade of past performance​​ integrating people, process, and technology into tactical operations, VICTOR42 offers a blend of international, civilian, and defense service offerings.

VICTOR42’s Palantir services include:

  • Program management
  • Palantir field services representatives (FSRs), CONUS, and OCONUS
  • Network operations center technicians (NOCs)
  • Engineering, installation, implementation and configuration services
  • User engagement and embedded analysis services
  • Palantir user training

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