Philanthropy Engineering
2015 Annual Impact Report

Forced Labor

Millions of victims of forced labor around the world are hidden behind complex networks of labor suppliers, recruiters, and brokers in large corporate supply chains. With a centralized platform to untangle the webs of data surrounding these networks, multinational companies can better understand the risks in their own labor supply chain.

This year, we partnered with Verité to deploy analytical capabilities in the fight against forced labor. We integrated findings from independent Verité research with the compliance data that companies gather themselves on the performance of brokers and their associated entities. Now, rather than relying solely on the traditional audit-based approach, companies have better insight into their supply chain.

With the ability to share recruitment industry data securely, employers can identify and address risky broker practices. Together with Verité, we’re empowering international corporations to focus their audit resources, establish more effective intervention programs, and make informed sourcing decisions.

“Palantir’s support has enabled us to develop a picture for companies of their shared exposure to the unethical labor brokers, which are one of the biggest drivers of forced labor in supply chains. Companies that join our effort will have greater visibility into their riskiest operations at a lower cost and greater efficiency.”

– Dan Viederman (Chief Executive Officer, Verité)

Murder rates

With 39.6 murders per 100,000 people, New Orleans suffers from one of the highest murder rates in the country, and historical efforts to combat the problem have fallen short.

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