Philanthropy Engineering
2015 Annual Impact Report

Murder rates

With 39.6 murders per 100,000 people, New Orleans suffers from one of the highest murder rates in the country, and historical efforts to combat the problem have fallen short.

Since 2012, NOLA for Life has taken a holistic public-health approach to violence and murder reduction in New Orleans. Working with city officials, we’re helping to break the cycle of violence and drive interventions across multiple law enforcement jurisdictions and public sector programs. Our technology enforces analyst accountability, establishes appropriate data access, and handles sensitive information securely so that the City of New Orleans can protect the privacy and civil liberties of its residents.

In close collaboration with city stakeholders, we integrated sensitive law enforcement data, calls for service, electronic police reports and field interviews, arrest registry records, shooting investigations, and relevant open source data. We introduced flexibility into the data stores so that analysts can conduct network analysis collaboratively. With Palantir, the city is developing a better understanding of violent crime propensity and designing targeted interventions to protect the city’s most vulnerable populations.

“Since 2012, Mayor Mitch Landrieu has committed significant resources and effort to reducing murder in New Orleans, and has asked every partner and stakeholder in the city to play a role. Palantir has made it possible for our intelligence analysts to question preconceived ideas about murder victims and suspects. The analysis has strengthened our ability to prevent and intervene in violent conflicts, and connect at-risk individuals to services.”

– Sarah Schirmer (Criminal Justice Policy Advisor, Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice Coordination)

Missing & Exploited Children

Over the past year, NCMEC has received nearly 13,000 missing children entries and over 3.6 million CyberTips on suspected child exploitation. Buried deep in the pages of scanned reports, associated images, and range of unstructured data sources are clues that can help law enforcement recover children and bring perpetrators to justice.

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