The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization.


Since 2010, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has worked with Palantir to support its mission to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation and prevent future victimization. In 2013, NCMEC made Palantir their analytic system of record, laying the groundwork for new efforts to assist in cases of sexually exploited children beginning in 2015.

This year

In 2016, NCMEC analysts used Palantir to find clues related to more than 200 new cases of child sexual exploitation. This work is technically complex: NCMEC staff need to make connections within 80 million records, representing 60,000 unique data types, to determine possible locations for the unidentified child victims.

By integrating this data into Palantir, NCMEC can:

  • Make connections within metadata associated with millions of images and videos to help law enforcement identify both victims and perpetrators
  • Flag cases that match high-priority criteria for law enforcement within 24 hours of appearance in records and reports from Electronic Service Providers
  • Run continuous queries to help recognize new, relevant information as soon as it arrives
  • Identify trends in collections of child pornography images and videos to better understand the connections between perpetrators and victims
  • Use metadata to identify the social media platforms where material may have been publicly shared

Palantir—the combination of the platform and support from Palantir engineers—has been tremendously valuable to us at NCMEC and our mission to help reduce child sexual exploitation and prevent future victimization. There have been many, many cases where utilizing Palantir has allowed us to find relationships that were instrumental in cases involving missing and sexually exploited children. In one particular example from 2015, Palantir allowed us to take 450,000 data points from a missing child case and discover the 233 pieces of information in that data that were important to focus upon.

— Mark Gianturco, Chief Technical Officer, NCMEC

Of the 200+ cases related to child pornography victim identification supported by Palantir in 2016, analysts determined possible locations on 58 cases and made that information available to law enforcement. By providing analysts with the technology they need to effectively utilize this data, Palantir is helping NCMEC create a direct and positive impact on the lives of many child victims.