How We Work

At Palantir, our mission has always been to help the world's most critical institutions solve their hardest problems. From rescuing survivors of natural disasters to building resilience in war-torn communities to finding missing and exploited children, the organizations we work with face incredible challenges and circumstances. We empower them to do their work in the most effective, efficient manner possible.

This year's report highlights how we introduced additional capabilities with Palantir Foundry and Palantir Gotham, amplified existing workflows, and launched new partnerships with organizations around the globe, all in pursuit of this mission.

We Are Constantly Evolving

2017 saw the introduction of Palantir Foundry to many of our deployments. Foundry, our enterprise data management solution, opens additional realms of possibility for our partners. It allows them to interact with their data in new ways, unlocking answers to their hard problems. Along with Palantir Gotham, it puts cutting-edge capabilities directly in the hands of users.

We Form Long-Lasting Partnerships

We have worked with several of our philanthropy partners for many years, and look forward to many more. This deep partnership is possible because our technology delivers increasing value over time. As our customers' data foundations grow and diversify, their analysts can use Palantir to solve an increasing range of problems.

We Help Organizations Do More with Less

Non-profits and international NGOs face overwhelming needs and limited resources, forcing them to stretch donor dollars as far as possible to help as many people as they can. This year, we focused on equipping them with the tools to take these efforts to the next level. By introducing institutional best practices for data integration and analysis, we're delivering insights that lead to greater transparency and efficiency, while protecting privacy and security.

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