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Palantir + Scuderia Ferrari

Since 2017, Palantir has partnered with Scuderia Ferrari to integrate and analyze performance data in order to make faster, more data-driven decisions.

Partner Case–study

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We take [raw] sensor data and model it... to the real-world concepts engineers understand and think in intuitively, like vehicles, drivers, laps, speed, and pressure.

— Bianca Rahill–Marier, Team Lead (Commercial), Palantir

Integration / Modeling / Operations

Formula One is a data-driven sport. Each car is fitted with many sensors that measure performance and reliability, and undergoes extensive testing before, during, and after each Grand Prix. Gathering data is nothing new to the sport, but the growing volumes of data generated have historically been stored across siloed systems. The volume and complexity of data increases every F1 season.

Palantir Technologies has partnered with Scuderia Ferrari to integrate the constructor’s data so that engineers are empowered to continuously interpret, analyze, and make decisions with it.

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