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Throughout its lifetime, a vehicle generates a massive amount of data. From initial design to production and assembly, through marketing and sales, and eventually in use on the road, this data can provide valuable insight into quality, safety, and performance. But processing and integrating vehicle data takes time and effort that could otherwise be spent diagnosing complex problems.

Palantir Foundry integrates the full lifecycle of vehicle data into a collaborative environment for analysis where vehicle manufacturers can answer critical questions about their fleets, from plant operations to connected cars. Automakers around the world are using Palantir Foundry to:

  • Detect urgent and chronic problems on the assembly line, identify their root causes, and modify designs and processes accordingly
  • Dramatically accelerate problem detection and find problems months before warranty claims even come in by alerting on connected vehicle sensor data from the field
  • Collaborate with suppliers to resolve issues with quality and part availability before they delay the manufacturing process
  • Improve consumer safety and regulatory compliance by drastically improving recall scoping, as well as administration accuracy and speed, with tightly integrated vehicle configuration and part release data

Palantir Foundry puts the power of data integration in the hands of automotive engineers, analysts, and assembly line workers. With an integrated platform for data management and collaborative analysis, automakers can unlock the value of vehicle data to transform how they approach quality and safety.