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From strategy to operations to tactics, from reachback facilities to the tactical edge of the battlefield, Palantir Defense gives the warfighter immediate access to the latest critical information, removing the technical barriers to better data-driven decision making.

Who Needs Our Help?

The success of national defense missions around the world increasingly depends on timely access to high-quality data at every echelon and across staff functions from diverse intelligence disciplines. In a war zone, however, circumstances conspire to make this extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. From unmanned sensor data to unstructured message traffic, the volume and diversity of data being collected make it hard for commanders to extract insight from the information at their disposal.

Intelligence must be shared and operations must be planned across geographically dispersed locations, often over disadvantaged communications. The warfighter must produce and disseminate high-quality analytic work products on short timelines, while remaining flexible enough to perform new kinds of analysis under rapidly changing mission conditions. Palantir Defense provides an open, out-of-the-box solution that addresses each of these technical challenges today, and that adapts and scales to address new challenges in the future.

Transform massive-scale data from multiple intelligence disciplines into actionable insight

Palantir Defense allows warfighters to interact with all of their data from all of their systems from a single point of access, in unprecedented ways. Unstructured message traffic, structured identity data, link charts, spreadsheets, telephony, documents, network data, sensor data—even full motion video can be searched simultaneously and intuitively, without the need for a specialized query language. With SIGINT, HUMINT, GEOINT, IMINT and more fused into a single, coherent model, users can discover previously unseen links across their entire universe of data. Palantir Defense enables warfighters to rapidly turn mountains of data into plans of action by asking the questions they need answered in a language they understand.

Synchronize data for collaborative analysis and improved situational awareness at every echelon

From the team and company levels to regional headquarters, reachback facilities, and home stations, Palantir Defense fuses data and analysis across geographically dispersed users, providing commanders with the latest intelligence no matter where they are. Detailed data on every location, person, or event in an area of operations can be captured and shared at every echelon to improve situational awareness. Incoming units can train on live data from the theater prior to deployment. Analysts at reachback facilities can collaborate with analysts downrange on the same data. This is all made possible by Palantir’s Nexus Peering technology, which seamlessly synchronizes data and analysis across locations, data models, security models, and even organizational boundaries. Units can leverage the full capabilities of their shops while deploying fewer people forward and keeping more soldiers out of harm’s way.

Push the latest data and advanced analytics to the tactical edge of the battlefield

With Palantir Defense, disconnected, company-level users on laptops can access, analyze, and update the same data that commanders are consulting on another continent. For improved situational awareness and greater command and control, Palantir Defense’s mobile capability enables Blue Force Tracking, intelligence gathering, and collaboration between units in the field and commanders at base stations. No matter where the data is being accessed, Palantir Defense’s global knowledge management capabilities track every read, write, and edit, preserving the accumulated knowledge of the battle space.

Fuse intel, ops, and other staff functions into a single mission command system

Palantir Defense delivers a data fusion platform for generic analysis, enabling mission command across staff functions from within a single system. Intelligence on enemy activity (HUMINT reporting, significant acts, OSINT, etc.), allied information (force tracking, locations of civilian and government buildings and agencies, human terrain, affiliations, etc.), and friendly operations (what occurred, and when and where) are all available in one place. Palantir Defense is deployed in support of active allied combat missions on five continents, and has thousands of users across staff functions, including:

  • Special Operations Forces
  • Conventional Forces
  • Intelligence
  • Operations
  • Logistics & Supply
  • Personnel
  • Civil Affairs and Stability Operations

Field a capability that works today, at scale, and at war

Data synchronization with Palantir Defense works even over disadvantaged comms, including low-bandwidth, high-latency networks, and satellite communications. Palantir Defense is also an open platform that interoperates with other critical components of larger information technology ecosystems in the defense space. With open standards file formats, open and publicly documented APIs, and an open, plugin architecture, Palantir Defense gives users maximum control over their data. Palantir Defense is meeting the needs of the warfighter today with minimal field support, even in the harshest operating environments. By establishing a close partnership with users and providing engineering support from the rear, Palantir delivers a solution for defense customers that is constantly improving, constantly incorporating user feedback, and constantly adapting to meet future needs and solve new problems.