Palantir in Defense: 2019 Update

From strategy to operations to tactics, from reachback facilities to the tactical edge of the battlefield, Palantir removes the technical barriers to better data-driven decision-making for defense organizations around the world.

Palantir was born in Silicon Valley, but the government mission is core to our DNA. As our CEO recently discussed in the Washington Post, we’re inspired by the tradition of collaboration between Silicon Valley and government and committed to sustaining it. We’ve built and refined our software over fifteen years of partnerships with critical public and private institutions. Read on to learn about our diverse experience and how we’re bringing the best of technological innovation to the defense sector.

Readiness data at your fingertips

(Photo Credit: Sgt. LaShic Patterson)

“The Army has a data problem. To make informed decisions about resource allocation and readiness, senior leaders need access to reliable, trusted and timely data. While the Army has mountains of relevant data, it is not always readily accessible, verified or authoritative. Compounding the matter even further, data is frequently duplicated or of questionable quality.

The Army Leader Dashboard was designed to address data problems within the Army's business systems and enterprise mission areas-logistics, human resources, finance, and so on.“

Learn more about our work with the US Army

Building a common operating picture

Since 2012, we’ve partnered with the volunteer corps Team Rubicon to drive faster, more efficient responses to natural disasters. When a hurricane, typhoon, or earthquake strikes, Team Rubicon is on the ground with Palantir Gotham, creating a live Common Operating Picture with up-to-date maps of resources, needs, and status on the ground. Volunteer teams take Palantir Mobile into the field to conduct damage assessments and transmit results to HQ so staff can organize teams to complete work orders. After the fact, staff use Palantir to analyze the response and strategize on how to improve operations in the future.

Watch how Team Rubicon used Palantir Gotham to respond to Hurricane Florence in 2018

Raising the Bar of Analysis for the Next Fight

The contract awarded to Palantir Technologies is potentially worth more than $800 million. (Staff/AFP/Getty Images)

“The Army has chosen Palantir Technologies to deploy a complex battlefield intelligence system for soldiers, according to Army documents, a significant boost for a company that has attracted a devoted following in national security circles but had struggled to win a major defense contract.

Industry experts said it marked the first time that the government had tapped a Silicon Valley software company, as opposed to a traditional military contractor, to lead a defense program of record, which has a dedicated line of funding from Congress.“

Learn more about our partnership with the US Army

Accelerating decision-making with AI

Our software makes machine learning operational by connecting models to the real-world decisions they inform. At public and private sector organizations around the world, Foundry-driven AI/ML is accelerating human decision-making by:

  • Surfacing new leads in dark web, weapons trafficking, financial fraud, and drug trafficking investigations so investigators can identify persons of interest more quickly
  • Aggregating and correlating biomedical research data to streamline drug discovery
  • Processing entity resolution suggestions so analysts can focus on making assessments rather than manually sorting and tagging data
  • Analyzing massive-scale sensor data so that engineers can make better aircraft maintenance decisions

Learn more about our approach to AI/ML

Aviation’s platform of choice

In a joint partnership between Airbus and Palantir, Skywise is transforming the aviation industry. Together with Airbus, we’re building the industry’s most valuable platform for data and expertise, and getting every player in the value chain on board.

Skywise is the leading data platform for the aviation industry. Every day, thousands of users from more than 90 airlines around the world benefit from unrivaled OEM expertise and the most advanced data integration technology to solve their most pressing challenges. They’re turning months-long workflows into a series of clicks to deliver quality aircraft on time and resolve in-service issues faster.

Learn more about Skywise from Airbus from Matt Evans, Airbus’s VP of Digital Transformation

The science and art of data integration

There’s a reason the world’s most important government and commercial institutions rely on our platforms. These institutions must maintain trust within and outside of their organizations as they make decisions. Our data versioning technology allows our customers to trust their decisions, and to prove how they made those decisions to internal and external parties.

Watch our Commercial CTO Mark Elliot explain how we bring software engineering concepts to data so you can understand how data has evolved and how decisions are made