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Palantir is enabling energy companies to build competitive advantage during a turbulent time for the industry.

From local grid operators to multinationals, energy companies are facing immediate and long term challenges:

  • An uncertain recovery and uneven demand for electricity and hydrocarbons following the disruption of Covid-19
  • Investor, consumer, and regulatory pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • A growing need to digitize every aspect of operations, and to integrate or upgrade legacy technology investments


Our partners use Foundry to both optimize their operations at speed and assess long-term strategies that ensure business resilience for years to come. Foundry helps them use the data they already have to increase the efficiency of assets, from offshore oil to onshore wind. It helps them connect existing investments with constantly evolving software capabilities. And finally, it helps them represent their operations in a high-fidelity digital twin, chaining data and models to see the implications of decisions in both real time and years into the future.


Palantir Foundry integrates and transforms petabyte-scale data, from sensors and IoT to third-party sources and internal datasets. The platform maintains complete data lineage and enforces granular access controls to ensure data integrity and security. Once data is integrated, Foundry unlocks actions, simulations, and analysis that connect users across the enterprise. These include:

  • Data exploration tools for users of all technical abilities, from code-free big data manipulation to machine learning development
  • Custom alerts and reports for operators in the field
  • Point and click high-frequency sensor analyses tools for subject matter experts
  • Operationalized third-party and customer-built machine learning and physics-based models
  • Executive insights based on live, enterprise-wide data


Empower Engineers

Integrate disparate data to create a complete asset view that allows engineers to see information from multiple sources live, in one place. Enable reviews, maintenance, and optimization to occur in a robust, repeatable, and scalable way. Allow analysis to happen on demand, not quarterly, to identify opportunities for performance enhancement.

Connect the Value Chain

Create a common operating picture in each business group by incorporating data and decisions on, for example, well integrity, turbine maintenance, and process engineering.

Drive Decisions Across the Organization

Expand the system to power decisions in operations, planning, transport, trading, grid maintenance, and business transition.

Create a Digital Twin to Transform the Business

Chain simulation engines to make recommendations to optimize systems across the business. Reveal the immediate and long term consequences of decisions. Dramatically improve production, maintenance, risk management, and resilience.