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Financial Compliance

Financial institutions with complex portfolios and high volumes of trades and transactions are often buried under petabytes of data, incompatible systems, and complicated customer landscapes. As this data grows in size and complexity, so does the regulatory landscape, and traditional tools can't keep up.

Regulatory compliance should be a strategic asset to the business.

Compliance organizations use Palantir Foundry to create an integrated data foundation by unifying legacy systems, customer information, transactions, interactions, and alerts along with external data such as negative news and market information. With this powerful data foundation, our clients are addressing key compliance problems in radically different ways, including:

  • Improving alert performance and reducing noise. Data scientists are creating more effective risk scenarios that reduce false positive alerts by an order of magnitude. By reviewing alerts in the same environment, users are creating real-time feedback loops that constantly improve alert performance.
  • Making client management safer while improving customer experience. With Foundry's Single Client View, analysts are dramatically accelerating Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) processes without compromising onboarding controls.
  • Accelerating and improving investigations. With all relevant information available in Foundry, compliance organizations are responding to regulatory requests for information in hours, rather than months. They're conducting complex investigations and discovering previously undetectable risks.
  • Complying with evolving data protection regulations. With extensive data governance capabilities baked into the platform, organizations are quickly adapting to evolving regulations, such as the EU GDPR. With granular yet flexible access controls that propagate automatically, users are collaborating across business areas and geographies.

Manage complexity and increase efficacy with a unified platform.

Under the hood, Foundry supports critical workflows throughout the compliance process. With an end-to-end suite of technical capabilities, our clients are bringing technical and non-technical users together in the same environment to:

  • Accelerate data collection, data quality, management, and reporting
  • Combine internal, external, unstructured, and structured data in unified views
  • Explore, develop, and test scenarios in code-based and code-free environments
  • Conduct analytics across high-scale production data in near real time, including data science workflows and network and transactional analysis
  • Connect with other teams in a shared environment to collaborate across Lines of Defense with both technical and non-technical users

By addressing foundational data and technical challenges, Foundry allows compliance organizations to meet today's regulatory controls, proactively respond to future concerns, and keep pace with business growth.