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Palantir empowers intelligence agencies to securely derive actionable insights from sensitive data and achieve their most challenging operational objectives.

Palantir was founded in 2004 with a mission to help intelligence agencies make better use of their data securely and responsibly. Today, governments around the world use Palantir Gotham and Palantir Foundry to understand and defend against evolving threats to national security, from cyberattacks to disinformation to insurgencies.

Palantir Gotham’s Dossier application enables concurrent editing for collaborative analysis and reporting. Dossier seamlessly integrates linked data, graphs, and maps, while also ensuring robust data security so that intelligence analysts can collaborate proportionately across permission levels with confidence.

Build a secure data foundation.

Intelligence agencies use Palantir software to unify their fractured data landscape. Palantir can integrate data of any type, size, source, or format while preserving the integrity and classification of source systems. Granular access controls govern how users can interact with data according to role, classification, or purpose. Palantir can also integrate streaming data, such as video feeds, in real time, and federate searches to external sources.

Once integrated, Palantir provides tools to refine high-noise, high-volume datasets, and infrastructure to deploy, train, evaluate, and improve artificial intelligence and machine learning. By augmenting human judgment and expertise with technology that makes massive-scale data manageable and useful, Palantir lets analysts spend less time manipulating data and more time understanding and engaging with it.

Access the right data at the right time.

Our software allows agencies to build a one-stop shop for collaborative data analysis, empowering intelligence officers with the data they need when they need it. Palantir gives everyone from analysts to executives the tools they need to make decisions based on a compounding knowledge asset. Nontechnical users don’t need to learn specialized query languages to discover and analyze data, and data science toolkits let technical users make full use of their agency’s data foundation.

As proven commercial software already in use by the intelligence community, Palantir is ready to deploy off the shelf. Agencies can apply cutting-edge technology to their most urgent problems without delay.

Palantir Gotham’s Operations module lets intelligence analysts collaborate in real-time to plan, execute, and report on operations. Within the Operations module, an enhanced geospatial view provides shared, live maps to track what is happening on the ground as it happens so that all stakeholders can act on the same information.

Protect data and preserve privacy and civil liberties.

We believe that privacy and security are fundamental tenets of a well-functioning society. From our founding, we have designed our software to protect data and preserve our shared values.

Palantir’s sophisticated access control and audit logging infrastructure drive collaboration without compromising security or privacy interests. Our software provides highly granular access restrictions with subtle and flexible permissions, such as temporal and purpose-based limitations. All user activity is recorded to ensure that authorized oversight entities can confirm that data is being used appropriately and in conformity with applicable laws.

These and other features apply across all networks, sensitivities, and classification levels, so agencies can implement an ICD 501-compliant infrastructure that is effective and usable by non-technical analysts.

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Transform the intelligence enterprise.

With strong roots in counterterrorism, our work has grown over the years to help governments transform their critical business operations and functions. Agencies use Palantir software to manage resources, track budgets, attract talent, and retain personnel. With Palantir, leaders can make data-driven decisions that allow their agencies to expend resources effectively, efficiently, and accountably.