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Legal Intelligence

For legal professionals building complex cases, Palantir Legal Intelligence enables the discovery of patterns of behavior and links between key actors that lie hidden in vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Who Needs Our Help?

Lawyers handle massive volumes of data from many sources. Many types of data that lawyers routinely encounter complicate traditional research methods. Although lawyers can easily review unstructured data such as documents, transcripts, and audio recordings, they often lack the capability to efficiently analyze structured data such as call logs, financial transaction records, and spreadsheets. In both the private and government sectors, lawyers find it hard to glean insight from structured data in conjunction with unstructured documents—for example, correlating stock sales and phone calls with e-mail traffic and faxes.

Compounding this challenge is the difficulty inherent in traditional forms of collaboration. In the course of discovery, lawyers often work independently on a subset of a larger volume of data, using simple e-discovery tools to generate analysis on only their portion of data. Without a reliable method to share analysis, lawyers struggle to understand the bigger picture in a case.

Analyze documents and data in a unified environment

With Palantir Legal Intelligence, legal professionals can analyze all of the data related to a case in a single environment. Palantir Legal Intelligence is easy to use and its powerful search capabilities are accessible to anyone with basic computer skills. Integrate data from existing document review tools (including document tags and notes), public information like web sources and published government data, and even audio recordings. Perform a single search through the entire repository to find points of interest, analyze connections within data, and create reports to share findings.

Enhance the power of the mind with the efficiency of technology

Palantir Legal Intelligence empowers attorneys working with vast amounts of documents and data to quickly find what they’re looking for, and to find new and useful points of interest within their documents. Examine data from multiple perspectives to reveal links between people, events, locations, and documents and establish patterns of behavior. Visualize sequences of events on a timeline and track the flow of payments or information between entities. Import and analyze data on the fly, even during trial, to strengthen a case as new information becomes available.

Collaborate to make significant discoveries in a secure environment

With a repository of case-related data contained in a format that anyone can access, Palantir Legal Intelligence enables an unprecedented level of collaboration among attorneys. Nevertheless, Palantir’s access controls ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. Independently research a specific entity (such as a CFO, subsidiary, or product) and develop the story behind that entity’s interactions with involved parties, within a geographic region, or over a specific time period. Input discoveries into Palantir Legal Intelligence for automatic incorporation into the research conducted by team members, allowing constant, real-time collaboration. Export findings in shareable formats that can be submitted to court, used in deposition, or presented in a PowerPoint deck.

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