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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions fundamentally change companies, their strategies, and their technology landscapes. Whether it's a one-time transaction or part of a broader M&A strategy, acquiring companies end up with fragmented systems that inhibit visibility into their newly unified organization's data. At the most critical juncture since their founding, companies are forced to prioritize systems decisions over business ones.

Achieve deal synergies faster with immediate visibility into the unified business.

Palantir Foundry brings together legacy systems rapidly so executives have a single source of truth to inform their most critical post-merger decisions. With end-to-end mapping, Palantir Foundry drives enhanced reporting, top-down analysis, and alerting across newly merged systems—all with full traceability.

Major pharmaceutical companies, global manufacturers, and financial institutions accelerated M&A by using Palantir Foundry to:

  • Create a unified data asset with a simple interface to quickly discern how each dataset was derived
  • Accelerate time to synergies by rapidly creating multi-dimensional mappings that can be edited in the future
  • Resolve 10+ ERPs and CRMs in weeks into a master customer list, revealing untapped sales opportunities (an effort that typically takes 2+ years)
  • Customize and adjust alerts based on value thresholds to respond quickly to incoming information
  • Run financial reporting at the transaction level within weeks of integration

Focus on your business, not your systems.

The typical approach to M&A integration introduces bottlenecks and barriers to entry that impede decision-making. Palantir Foundry puts organizations on the fast track to deal synergies with a transparent environment where users can quickly and meaningfully understand how systems were combined. Tools for building mapping tables mean SQL is no longer a barrier to entry, and bringing in new datasets to supplement the newly merged systems is simple. With Palantir Foundry, an acquiring company can overcome the complexity of M&A to increase value and performance faster, across the entire new business.