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Today, shocks to supply and demand have become the norm. Consumer preferences now fluctuate at breakneck speed.

To win in this new context, retail organizations need near-instant visibility into demand, and the ability to adapt their promotions, inventory, and operations in real time.

Palantir Foundry enables these capabilities by bringing legacy data systems and machine learning into a shared end-to-end environment with a retail organization’s data scientists and business users.

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Software-Defined Data Integration

  • Transform data preparation, from months to hours
  • Automate data pipelines from source systems
  • Access real-time, bidirectional connection with ERP via Certified SAP Connector

Promotion Optimization

  • Propose SKUs for promotion to purchasers
  • Leverage intelligent demand forecasts to automatically suggest ideal quantities and allocations
  • Manage ongoing promotions and pricing to reduce stockouts and waste

Intelligent Demand Forecasting

Intelligent Demand Forecasting in partnership with Data Robot

  • Unites data scientists and business users with an intuitive, end-to-end view of the retail ecosystem
  • Accelerate and scale the creation and testing of intelligent demand forecast models
  • Monitor demand models and deploy them directly into operations

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